When To Talk To Your School Counselor

When you hear the term school counselor you think of a person who is there to help you pick classes and is there when your teacher disciplines you. A school counselor is much more than that. Today you can get school help with mental health through your counselor.

Today’s kids have so much more to deal with than ever. They need to have school help. They have:


-Social media

-After school activities

-School work


-Growing pains.

Seeing a Counselor at School

It is nice to have school help where you can go to blow off steam. You know that your counselor is listening to you and will help you solve your problems. They will not tell you what you need to do they just listen. They let you reach the obvious solution.

They Do Not Judge You

The school counselor is there not to judge you but to talk to you. They will talk to you about anything and everything. They help you to weigh your options and they do not put in their two cents worth. The decisions are all yours.

School Counselors Keep Things Confidential

School counselors do not tell your parents everything that you talk about. Prior to talking to your parents, they will ask you what topics are discussable between the counselor a the parents. There are times when the school counselor has to break confidentiality. This is when it concerns your mental health where you are considering hurting someone or something, They also have to tell when someone is hurting you.

If you do not want to see the school counselor on your own most schools have group sessions where you can sit in. You do not have to speak but even listening can help you with your problems.

Today’s School Counselors

-Make schedule changes

Whether this is a schedule change to accommodate a personal situation or a change to suit your academic needs, a school counselor is the greatest contact you have if you are considering changing your schedule.

-Helping with a college education

The sooner you contact your school counselor about college planning the better. Counselors can help you map out classes you’ll need to transition to university, give you weekly updates about scholarship and college application information, and potentially offer a recommendation letter.

-Personal development

Not only are counselor’s invested in your progression to university and a potential career, but they are also interested in your personal development. They are a nonbias party that can give you the resources to grow.

-Academic development

Teachers aren’t the only ones encouraging your academic success. Counselors can assess your overall performance and recommend classes that will challenge you and fulfill university requirements to ensure your success.

-Social development

Are you having a hard time “fitting in”? High school is a growing environment. With each passing year, you’ll discover new things about your interest, hobbies, and personality. If you’re having a hard time finding your place, counselors may use tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or other personality assessments to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the people around you.

-Career development

Counselors have many skills and tools like the Strong Interest Inventory that will help you assess your interest and how you can make those interest a career.

Seeing Your Counselor

There is never a bad time to see your counselor. If you feel like hurting g yourself you need to get help. At school, your school counselor is the person to see. If they cannot help they know how to get you the help that you need. If you are in need of mental health counseling sessions your school counselor maybe this person or they will act as a liaison between the mental heal official and yourself.

Never be afraid to see your counselor. They are there to help you in any way that they can. They want what is best for you and will not judge you. They will always have time for you.

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