There are several study tips that you can use for your SAT & ACT.


The first tip is to determine what your target score is. This is the best way that you are going to be able to get the motivation that you need for your studying. In order to figure out what you want your score to me, then you need to look up the 75th percentile scores for the school that you are wanting to go to. This is because if you get the score that they are looking for, then you will have a better chance of getting into that particular college. If your score is higher than the college is looking for, then those chances are going to improve even more.


The second one of the study tips is that you will need to figure out exactly how long you will need to study for. You will need to calculate the difference between the target score and your baseline score. This is going to be based on the score that you made on your ACT test. If you have not taken the test yet, then you can take the official practice test. It is important that you try to stimulate the same conditions that you are going to be taking the official test. This includes having a quiet area for the test and it will need to be timed. For example, if you need to improve 6 points, you should study for 80 hours.


The third tip is to analyze all of the mistakes that you made on the test and focus on the weaknesses that you might have. This is going to allow you to get the most out of the time that you will be using to study. Basically, you will figure out all of the questions that you missed and focus on how you can get these questions correct the next time. The three main areas that you need to look at is the content, strategy, and time. The content of the test is going to consist of reading, math, and writing skills. The best strategy will help you to decode the questions. You need to remember that the test is timed.


The fourth one of the study tips is to make sure that you are using the real practice questions when you are studying. This means that they are going to need to closely resemble the questions that are actually going to be on the test. This will allow you to see which questions might be difficult for you so you are going to need to study them a little bit more. The practice tests are also going to be good study guides for the actual test. Plus you are going to be able to get access to these questions for free. This is going to increase your chances of making a better score like your targeted score on the SAT or ACT while you are taking it.