5 Ways To Nail Your College Interview

Interviewing for college can be a nerve-wracking experience as you prepare for the next big phase in your life. While a college interview can be stressful, you can still do very well with proper preparation. Follow these tips, and you will nail your college interview and leave making yourself look like a viable candidate.  1. … Read more5 Ways To Nail Your College Interview

Best College Application Resources

Academics Keeping up your scholarly execution is a crucial piece of planning for school, and an awful instance of seniority can wreck your school prospects. It’s imperative that you keep buckling down and keeping up your academic benchmarks all through your senior year. The following are a couple of posts that cover what your senior-year … Read moreBest College Application Resources

Mental Health – Start Making It A Priority

Mental health care in high school is no longer a pastime. According to the latest statics by the U.S. Surgeon General, one in five high school age students will be affected by mental health issues. These mental health issues include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, depression, eating disorders, and schizophrenia, to name a few. Unfortunately, … Read moreMental Health – Start Making It A Priority